Graviera Skyros

Our graviera comes from selected producers, it is spicy and
special taste, makes a perfect saganaki and is the ideal appetizer
combination with the local wine of Skyros. They used to follow a separate one
preservation and maturation method of Skyrian graviera. They were taking them
“heads” of the graviera where each one weighed about 4 kg and they were placed
in a special clay vessel, which they buried in the soil. The process
it was as follows: they sprinkled thyme on the bottom of the dish and then
they placed the cheeses on top and repeated the layers (thyme – graviera) until the dish was full. It was then sealed and covered
with soil leaving it there from May to December wherever they opened it
to be traditionally consumed on Christmas days.

Xinotyri Skyros

Our sour cheese is our treasure. It is a soft white cheese with
subacid pleasant cool taste and aroma. It is traditionally made from
selected producers in a unique and rare way and contains goat and sheep
milk. It has a slightly sour taste and a yogurt texture while nutritionally
high in probiotics.

Feta of Skyrou

The protagonist of Greek cheese production is our feta, the
product that has the most international recognition. In Skyros our producers
they make sure that the feta made from goat’s milk keeps its excellent quality
its nutritional value due to the quality of the milk. Quality milk
it is based on the wide variety of herbs that make up the food of goats and sheep
and exists in abundance in the mountains of the island. In Skyros the animals feed on
fields mainly with herbs, shrubs, small trees, fruits, cereals, grasses and
rhododendron. The combination of the herbs but also the fact that the animals are
free grazing, is the reason why the feta is more tasty and aromatic.

Myzithra of Skyros

The traditional type of cheese, cheese milk, is myzithra. The so-called dry
mizithra is prepared by drying the fresh. It is usually salty,
grated and sprinkled on pasta, salads, roasted vegetables and pies.
It has a particularly strong smell and taste.

Skyros Honey & Honeycomb

Thyme is the most important beekeeping plant of the island. From the South as
in Vora, Skyros is famous for its reserves of thyme, from which it is produced
unique, excellent quality and nutritional value honey. Also on the island
high quality pine honey and heather honey are produced. On the other hand, the fresh
Honeycomb is an excellent tonic that helps increase one’s energy
our organization. It has excellent antiseptic properties and is recommended for
prevention and treatment of infectious, respiratory and digestive diseases.
Our producers will surprise you with the high quality of honey that we produce

Petimezi Skyros

Petimezi is a thick syrup of intense burgundy color that is made
boiling the must from the grapes for several hours. It is rich in energy,
calcium, phosphorus and while it does not contain preservatives, colorings and sugar.
It gathers several healing components of the grape and usually
used as is. Finally, it has soothing properties against a sore throat, is used in confectionery as a sweetener, and in
cooking for marinating.

Fava Skyrou

Skyrian fava beans have their own special flavor with a strong earthy character,
nutty aromas and a slightly sweet aftertaste. The morphology of the soil
of the island with its nutrients make it stand out. It is eaten
ideal as an appetizer or boiled with oil and onion, or as a salad. The Skyrians
to take off its taste, they add a little fennel.

Fruit and vegetable products of Skyros

The fruits and vegetables of Skyros stand out for their unique taste and
their particular aromas that emanate from the subsoil of the island. In our country
they occupy approximately 30% of cultivated land and 40% of
irrigated. Greek fruit and vegetable production amounts to 8
million tons, divided almost equally between fruits and vegetables.
In our store you will find various types of fruit and vegetables from
producers of the island.

Skyros wine

The peculiarity of the soil as well as the humidity during the night, gives
a special note of taste in all the varieties of wine that exist on the island.
Delicious wine is produced in the local wineries by professional producers who
they make sure to supply us with excellent quality wine. The climate and
soil of Skyros are decisive factors for the taste
result that reaches your glass. So, quality Skyros wine for almost
all tastes. White, red, rosé, sweet, semi-sweet, dry and many more
there are in our store for you to choose.

Skyros eggs

Skyros eggs have a special taste and are very nutritious because of their
of various aromatic plants that exist in the fields of the island, and of course
given the most suitable living conditions for poultry, in premises
with shaped corridors, feeders and watering troughs for the complete
their diet.

Our farmed Skyros lamb

Our farmed milk lamb with a distinctive taste and great nutritional value,
but also many nutrients, vitamin B12 and zinc. His meat
is rich in proteins of high biological value that ensure the
body essential amino acids. Its intramuscular fat helps to maintain it
juicy when cooked. It can be grilled in the oven or on the coals,
cooked in the pot (lemonade or braised) as well as with
traditional way grilled on a spit.

Our farmed Skyros goat

Skyros is especially known for the delicious goat meat found in
island as the particular animal as a naturally “curious” and natural explorer
seeks its food in a variety of food sources. This constant state
of wandering and foraging is closely related to health and
her well-being. The natural food of goats is bushes, small trees, hay,
fruit and a small amount of seeds and grains. They are quite tender
meat with less fat intramuscularly. It can be baked in the oven or in the oven
coals, cooked in the pot (lemonade or braised) as well as with
traditional way of roasting on a spit, especially at Easter. With the combination of
suitable herbs you can take off the taste effect.

Our breeding Skyros sheep

As a delicious breeding sheep or ewe whose cooking is varied
we mean an animal that has turned 2 years old and weighs 19 kg or more. The nutrition
and his breed, play a special role in the meat and in the future
its unique taste. It can be said that lamb ribs are the “king.”
of steak”, however as the wise people say “a big bite to eat,
big reason not to say”. A trial from the mutton of proper breeding but
and special cooking can surprise us in terms of the taste result!

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